Stage Fright? Who, me?

posted on 12.28.2008

Here is my performance debut. No there was not an earthquake, it was just Dad's attempt at special effects...or maybe too much caffeine. Either way, ENJOY!

I love The Treehouse!


My First School Pictures

posted on 12.16.2008

Oh no, I'm not ornery at all...

Not sure whether I am giving an apple or taking one ;-)

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More Family Pictures

posted on 11.21.2008

In keeping up with Mom's obsessive need to document my childhood with "nice" pictures. Here a selection from the next installment of "Portrait Time with the Richardsons"


Eccentric? Who, me? It's called style, or at least that is what Mommy and Grandma say. Dad just calls it cute.

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posted on 11.21.2008

Barney?! Don't you dare call me Barney. I could whip that big goof ball. I'm a DINOSAUR, RAWRRR! Since I couldn't walk door to door to door and collect a bunch of candy I couldn't eat, we had all the family come see me :) We have them trained so well.

Dinosaur-ing is hard work. It made me hungry for cookies and milk! Rawrrrrr.

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Pumpkin Patch

posted on 11.21.2008

This year, Mom (& Nae Nae) took me to the pumpkin patch. Dad didn't go because he was too busy fighting a ladder while trying to finish painting the house. He was pretty grumpy. Maybe he should have went to the pumpkin patch with us. Just look at how much fun we had.

What a great time. So many to choose from. But I was pretty ready to go home.

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Ka Pow!

posted on 09.03.2008

OUCH! Today I decided to test which was harder; a cubby at school or my head. Well, I think it was a draw, but I don't remember it too well. One thing is for sure, I got a lot of attention from the ladies at school afterwards...

I know it's not Easter time, but I definitely had an egg on my head. All I know is Ms. Ali totally owes me lots of graham crackers now :)

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Me -tonsils -adenoids

posted on 08.21.2008

As I told you last time, I was going to have surgery. Well I did and everything went fine, except for the stupid overnight stay.

I probably could have gone home the same day, but they wanted to watch me overnight. No one slept and it was awful. I think I even got tired of watching the Monsters Inc. movie.


I was much happier when we got home. That is until they took me off Lortab and I had some new teeth waiting. Ouch!

On a happier note, Grandma got me a great cap and a fake Guiness pint from Ireland. I have been practicing as you can see below. Cheers Mate!


Well, that's all for now. Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to leave me a comment.

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Big, no HUGE, Update!

posted on 07.22.2008

Dad has been real busy (pronounced la-zy) and finally decided to update my site. I wish he would just give me the password so I could do it myself...I have free time.

A lot has happened since my last update (thanks again Dad), so I'm just going to do a wrap up here of the last few months. The day after my first birthday I had tubes put in my ears. They helped a lot but I still have to go in July 29th to have my tonsils and adenoids removed, awesome. Hopefully it will make me all better and I can be done with surgeries for a long long time.

For St. Patrick's day this year we went to San Antonio for a few days. Mom and Dad got a real nice room right on the riverwalk so they could still sit and enjoy the atmosphere...even if I was sleeping. Goobers.

As you can see, I always have more fun with Mom

On Easter, Grandma goo-goo :) came over and tried to get me to eat Peeps. Have you had those things? Seriously, who thought they should sell those as edible!? YUCK! Then I played with some eggs and a chocolate rabbit. Silly rabbit. Ultimately though, I think I had the most fun with a bucket on my head. "Where's Cohen?" they say. Duh I'm right there under the bucket.

Memorial Day weekend we went to the new lake house. As usual, I got sick the day before. It was a long drive down, but not as long as San Antonio. Grandpa really loves it down there, especially when I come down and show him how to find good local interest rates. You know, so he can deposit it there instead of my piggy bank. Cha-ching!

In June, we went to San Diego with Grandma goo-goo. I did really well on the flights, even with a 90 minute tarmac taxi in Chicago. Dad says he always hates that airport...I'm starting to understand. We went to a big lookout point near the naval base and got to see really far. As you can see, I wasn't a real big fan of the ocean up close. I don't know why they thought I would like being in that cold water. I take warm baths...not salty cold ones. I had the most fun when Dad let us bury him in the sand. Some times he's a real stick in the mud, but not this time...he was just a Dad in the mud!

One day we went to the Zoo and saw all the animals. The big hairy Orangutans were ok, but I liked the metal ones better. They let me pick their nose. The lions and their cubs were fun to climb on, mostly because they just sat there. Not like real cats, who always run from me. Grandma goo-goo helped me feed the Giraffe and then she got YELLED at by the Zookeeper for trying to pet it. I guess she didn't read the signs. Oh yeah, we also saw some of Dad's equipment out there, so I thought I would check on it to make sure it was all still running ok.

Mom thought it was necessary to take a picture of me on my first day of school. Of course, my backpack is as big as I am and I can't carry it, but she says I look too cute with it. School is great fun, I learn lots there....mostly how to get dirty and be more ornery. For instance, one day Dad caught me listening to his music. I can't believe anyone still listens to Vanilla Ice. Dad is such a dork.

So that's it. Awesome, huh? I told you it was a HUGE update. Oh yeah, I now have a comment section, so click below to leave me a message.

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My First Birthday!

posted on 02.25.2008

Wow, I'm 1 now? I'm getting old. I better call AARP to get set up.

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One Year Old Portraits

posted on 02.20.2008

Aren't I Cute? I know, it's a loaded question. But seriously...


Ho-Ho Came!

posted on 01.10.2008

I MUST have been VERY good this year!
Mom, is this all for me?
There's a Donkey in my stocking.
I got a rocket ship.
I wonder what's in this one, hmm.
Cover me, I'm going in!!!
This is hard work. I'm getting tired.
My own tractor for Uncle Bill's farm.
Me & Great Grandma in KC.
My Uncle Alex is HI-Larious, ha ha ha.
Aunt Whitney helping me out. Who's that boy in the background...does he live there too?
"Deer in the headlights". Pun intended.

I love HoHo, he hooked me up. Now when do I get birthday presents?


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