Merry Christmas!

posted on 12.17.2007

Me & HoHo! I've been very good this year.
Elf Cohen
I make a cute HoHo too.
My family and I by the tree.

I love HoHo. I'm also 10mo old today!.


Four Generations

posted on 12.17.2007

Me, Dad, Grandma, & Great Grandma

Now you see where my good looks come from...

-Mr. C.

My First Halloween (Bat Man!)

posted on 11.07.2007

Put the candy in my bag
Ooh, scary skull bag
Flapping to fly
Bat landing

Too bad I was sick :( and didn't get to go out that night. Nex year, watch out, I will be running the neighborhood.


Pumpkin Time

posted on 11.07.2007

Im Trapped
Pumpkins or Drums
These are more my size
Such a grown up
Just Chillin'

What a fun month it was.


My New Cousin

posted on 10.24.2007

Everyone: I would like to introduce you to Courtney Joann Richardson

She was born Monday 10/22/07. She weighed 7-lbs 6-oz and is 18" long.

::Cohen & Courtney...ruling 2007 like its going out of style.

-Mr. C

More Portraits

posted on 09.02.2007

C is for Cohen
What is that growling noise....
What? Hiking is good exercise.

Two updates in two days? I think Dad's computer is melting.

-Big C

End of Summer Update

posted on 08.31.2007

Staring Contest!
Helping Dad Lay New Floors
My New Friend Jaxson
I Wake Up In A Good Mood
Bath Time
Hey Ladies, *wink*wink*

Sorry for the delayed updates, I think Dad forgot how to use a computer...

-Mr. Cohen

My First Swim Adventure

posted on 06.13.2007

Surfs Up!
Safari Hat
Dad's My Tug Boat
Fake Beach

I still don't know if I liked it or not, but Mommy says I'm going to be a good swimmer.

-baby C


posted on 04.25.2007

Meet my Crying Giraffe, Mr. Bennett

I can already get more rebounds than him.

-baby C

Mas Familia

posted on 04.25.2007

Grandma Becky!!!
Aunt Judy
Uncle Rob
Cousin Justin

Grandma Becky is currently winning the Grandma of the Year award :-) (heh heh)

-baby C

Portrait Time

posted on 03.22.2007

Mom, Dad, and I
Easter Picture
Little Old Man
"Heart Breaker" - boo ya
K-S-Uuuuu..... WILDCATS!
Feeling a bit drafty

This is why they are called PROFESSIONALs... Kodak would be proud.

-Cohen Richardson

Happy St. Patricks Day!

posted on 03.22.2007

Kiss My Lucky Clover (click) :-)
Doing An Irish Jig

St. Patricks Day 2007... my first official Holiday and I'm exactly One month old now! Im feeling lucky, how 'bout you?
-Cohen Richardson

Mi Familia

*UPDATED* on 03.22.2007

Grandma Janie
Grandma Nikki
Grandad Dave
Grandpa Mike
Uncle E
Aunt Casey
Cousin Ethan
Cousin Cooper
Uncle Alex
Four Gen's of Williamsons
Mimi & Papi
Grandpa Bob
Uncle Cody
Aunt Whitney

Apparently, the rest of my Richardson family doesn't like to have pictures taken.. Grandma Becky? Where Are You? I feel unloved. Just Kidding.
Love You All,
-Cohen Richardson

Self Explanatory

posted on 02.22.2007

Why do I have to wear the shirt?!
My Mommy

Excuse me, I'm new here

posted on 02.19.2007

Hello family, friends, and's nice to finally meet you! Oh, in case you didn't know, my name is Cohen Richardson and I have been waiting so long and it sure was worth it. If you don't know me, let me give you the rundown:

I was born Saturday February 17, 2007 at 1:28pm at Wesley Hospital in Wichita,KS. My mommy and daddy are Sara and Troy Richardson. So far they seem cool, but I haven't initiated them yet ;-)

Over the next few weeks I can't wait to meet you all and show you how cute I am. For the most part I am pretty calm, but I do let my lungs roar every now and then. Mostly just when my mommy and daddy are changing me. Thank you all for visiting my site. Take a look around, I hope to be updating you with more soon.

Here I am and here is my mommy. I owe her a lot. I think it must have been hard work...
One of the first pictures   My Mommy

My daddy loves to hold me.       Dr. Cline is awesome and did a great job!
My Daddy   Dr. Cline Is the Best

Love You All, - baby Cohen

I'm A Movie Star

posted on 11.15.2006

Here's my first movie! This is me at 30 weeks old. 3D Sonograms are amazing, thanks GE© (they weren't kidding when they said "We Bring Good Things To Life"), hehe. Anyways, enjoy my movie and I can't wait to sign autographs... ;-)

Below are some pictures from the video. I wanted to keep covering my face, but the lady got a few good shots of me.[click for larger version]

Smile For The Camera. I Have A Cute Button-Nose, Just Like My Mommy Did When She Was A Baby.
My Face - BabyWaves 3D   My Face - BabyWaves 3D

I'm A Thinker ... Like My Dad (and Rodin). But I Get My Cute Looks From My Mommy.
Thinker - BabyWaves 3D   Profile - BabyWaves 3D

The Whole Me - I Can't Wait To Meet You All Soon
Upper Body - BabyWaves 3D   The Whole Me - BabyWaves 3D

See You All In A Few Months! -cohen

Yo, Check Out My Crib...literally

posted on 10.17.2006

Welcome to the Boom-Boom room, and by Boom-Boom I mean stinky diaper. Of course, I like to catch some Zs in here too. I'm still waitin' for my spinners (you old folks might call it a 'Mobile'). Word.

Stuffed Animals Watching Me Sleep?
Baby Room Hutch   Baby Crib

With the recent elections, maybe I need a Donkey theme instead...
Drapes   Crib, Theme From Target

More stuffed animals, wowza.
Crib Bedding

More Pictures (Where Are My Rights?)

posted on 09.20.2006

Here's a couple of my pretty little face. Want to have a staring contest?
Sonogram Face   Sonogram Face

My profile, for the modeling agencies.
Sonogram Profile   Sonogram Profile

The Papparazi aren't even this invasive. Stop staring.
Sonogram Other   Sonogram Other

My First Picture

posted on 07.31.2006

First Sonogram Picture
Aren't I Cute?